About Beth McBeth and the UN-Stables

Beth McBeth Perez has been riding and training horses since she was a little girl. Beth shows and trains in both English and Western disciplines. Her love is three day eventing with a passion for Cross Country. Her other love is art and the horses inspire and influence much of her work.

She has worked with a variety of breeds and disciplines and is not afraid of a “problem” or “troubled” horse. Every horse is Unique and Noble in their own way and no two are the same. Nor should their training or handling be the same either, what works for one horse may not for the next: I am willing to work with you and your horse to find the best method of communication.

The goal of The UN-Stables is to provide exceptional care for your horse, be it the beginning of life through the twilight years, to create a safe environment for both horse and rider to grow and enjoy one another’s company.

The UN-Stables: Boarding, Rehabilitation, and Retirement.